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Norton antivirus is more than just an antivirus. It is a complete security package which protects the system from malware, spyware, key-logger attempts, phishing, worms, etc. If a hacker wishes to access your computer then there are several options available. The hacker can either enter your system by using malware to infect your system. Or the hacker can make use of the security holes and patches in the software and use it to penetrate your system. Else, hackers can send emails or links which look innocent but they install spyware in the system when they are downloaded. Norton Antivirus is an updated software which has a layered approach to protect the computer from all the potential threats.

Features of Norton Antivirus

•    One stop security solution for protection of your devices.
•    Complete protection against viruses, malware, spyware, worms, Trojan etc.
•    Ensuring your privacy irrespective of which device you use.
•    Warning against spoof websites and harmful downloads.
•    Allows the user to switch the protection from one device to another.
•    Allows the user to protect more than one device and to add more devices.
•    Easily finds the location of lost and stolen tabs.
•    Has a child mode which allows the children to browse the web safely.
•    Virus protection promise gives a cent percent guarantee to keep your system virus-free.
Nowadays, all the users have a craze for sharing their special moments over social media networks to stay connected with the loved ones, closely. Apart from staying connected to the loved ones, the users may even expand their friend circle over social media, by sharing their information, publically. But the users should be aware of the type of information that they are sharing on the social media while sharing their social moments over social media. As the information that has been shared on social networking websites might be used by some malicious users to steal the identity of the users. So, to keep your identity safe and secure, follow the important tips detailed below to ensure the safer online sharing:

  •     Go through the privacy settings of your social networking site.
  •     Always accept the invitations of only those persons to whom you know in real life.
  •     Never display the names of the people in your network.
  •     Choose an antivirus for your device.
  •     Always make the announcements that aren’t too specifies.
  •     Always Share but Never over-share.

How to Use
Follow these instructions to install and manage Norton Antivirus:-

  • We need a Norton account to manage Norton antivirus services and redeem the activation key.
  • Please open your internet browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla        Firebox.
  • Use this link and click on Enter a Product Key.
  • Now create a Norton accounts which are free or login to your Norton account, if you already have one. Norton accounts help you to modify, download and manage Norton services.
  •     Please follows the steps Now and redeem 25 digit Norton activation code.
  •     Download it and install Norton antivirus protection.
  •     After installing the software Please restart the computer.
  •     Update your Norton antivirus to the latest version.
  •     Run a full system scan and remove all virus and malware corruption.

Call To Verify Your Product Key & Get Your Norton Installed by Expert on 1-800-998-4538 or connect via chat visit:-


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