Norton Antivirus Internet Security

Norton Antivirus Internet Security

Norton Security is years proven and known security software including antivirus, firewall, password manager and optimization tools. This is a comprehensive protection for your computer/PC, laptop, and internet browsing. Norton Security detects all browsers that PC you have and proposes the integration of its trade plugins that provide for the security of Internet browsing and restoring personal information (usernames, passwords, addresses, …)
Norton Internet security Norton Internet Security Software developed by Symantec Corporation, it is a computer program to provide prevention from malware, virus and other adware and removal during a subscription period, which uses signatures to verify viruses.
Antivirus Security Software is the advanced computer software security suite offered by Symantec Corporation. The software can be access on MS Windows, iOS platform, and Android. The software is available in three different editions, which includes Security Standard, Security Deluxe, and Security Premium. All the three edition works on a different quantity of devices like Security Standard protects one device only and Security Deluxe software can work up to five devices. Security Premium provides secure PC backup and powerful virus protection for your PC up to ten devices.
Norton Internet Security: It offers a comprehensive safety solution against all types of threats caused by internet and web surfing. Here are some key benefits that the software suite can offer you:
Firewall:- This is probably the most important feature that differentiates it from the Norton AntiVirus software. It protects your computer system and your important data files from hackers.
Identity Theft Protection:- Today, with increasing challenges caused by online identity theft, this software suite becomes the most essential thing that you should think about.
Parental Controls Management:- If you are concerned about your children’s behavior over the internet, it suite offers the most reliable parental control system that you can keep your kids safe against any type of malicious act.
Norton Safe Web:- With so many malicious websites and pop-ups, your web browsing is always exposed to malware attack as there are so many unknown websites that are pushed to harm your computer system. Norton Internet Security provides the utmost security against such websites.


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