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To protect your system, antivirus plays a big role.external attacks by viruses that can harm your computer health, It is mandatory to install antivirus on your system to protect external threats of viruses. once virus attacked your system it will start corrupting your files and then starting corrupt your window and you will suddenly lose your important data, money and time as well. So it is necessary to activate antivirus to protect your system from an external attack of the virus.
An antivirus playing a safeguarding role on your system while activated on your computer. Antivirus works very silently and shows best results in front of you while you are using internet or offline mode it will automatically detect external threats which are harmful to your computer and trap them in their chest box. then they ask you to kill the threat or releasing them.
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antivirus provide one feature also which is manually protection whether you want automatically protection or you want to do it yourself. In manual protection you have to rights that you can scan your some specific files which are saved on your system, these are the most valuable feature in antivirus software which works on basic principles. However, developers add few special features by themselves using their own thinking and creativity hence making an anti-virus more effective. Some antivirus which I recommend to use Norton and McAfee because they updated their software as per requirement and easy to use if any concern about this software they have own customer support team available for 24*7 hours.


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